Glory Hole Falls Trail (Ozark Forest) – 2 mi

"Glory Hole Falls Trail (Ozark Forest)   2 mi" photo
Glory Hole Falls

Glory Hole Falls is one of the most unique waterfalls in the Ozarks. The waterfall is formed by a stream that flows through the ceiling of an overhang cave.

When the water is really flowing, the hike to it adds to the spectacular appeal of this short trail.

"Glory Hole Falls Trail (Ozark Forest)   2 mi" photo
Volunteer waterfalls along the trail to Glory Hole Falls,  Ozark National Forest
Getting to Glory Hole Falls Trail

The Glory Hole Falls trail is in Newton County in the Big Piney District of the Ozark National Forest.

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Tim Ernst 2014 Tour Dates


"Tim Ernst 2014 Tour Dates" photo

Tim Ernst’s 2014 fall slide show tour will be kicking off shortly.

Tim is an acclaimed photographer and the author of many great trail guides including: “Arkansas Hiking Trails,” “Buffalo River Hiking Trails,” “Ozark Highlands Trail Guide,” and “Ouachita Trail Guide.”

If you’ve never been to a Tim Ernst slide show, you should go.

Here is his 2014 fall schedule (per his website):

  • November 14, Hot Springs Village, 10 am, Coronado Center (150 Ponderosa Way), hosted by the Audubon Society
  • November 17, Ft. Smith, 7 pm, Grace Comm. United Meth. Church (4001 Brooken Hill Dr.), hosted by Trailblazers Hiking Club
  • November 18, Dardanelle Community Center, 6:30 pm (2011 Hwy. 22)
  • November 20, North Little Rock, 6:30 pm, Windsong Church of Christ (#3 Windsong Drive), hosted by the Arkansas Outdoor Photographers Club
  • November 22, Springdale, 2 pm, Shiloh Museum of Ozark History (118 West Johnson)
  • November 30, Fayetteville Public Library, 2 pm (401 West Mountain St.)
  • December 1, Russellville, 7 pm, Doc Bryan Lecture Hall, Ark Tech, sponsored by Ark Tech Parks and Recreation Dept. , TAKAHIK, and Monfee Medical Clinic
  • December 2 (date pending), Dover, 7 pm, High School Cafeteria (101 Pirates Loop)
  • December 4, Conway, 7 pm, Faulkner County Library (1900 Tyler Street)
  • December 5, Springfield MO, 5 pm & 7 pm, Springfield Nature Center (Missouri – reservation required).
  • December 6, Bentonville Library, 1 pm (405 S. Main St.)
  • December 7, Little Rock, 2 pm, Central Arkansas Nature Center (602 President Clinton Ave.)
  • December 10, Clarksville, 7 pm, Clarksville School District Fine Arts Center (1703 Clark Road)
  • December 11, Benton, 6:30 pm, Saline County Library (1800 Smithers Dr.)
  • December 12, Harrison, 7 pm, Lyric Theatre on the square
  • December 16, Ft. Smith Library, 7 pm (3201 Rogers Ave.)
  • January 9, 2015 – Bull Shoals-White River State Park Eagle Awareness

More info here.

Katy Falls Video (Ouachita Forest)

"Katy Falls Video (Ouachita Forest)" photo
Katy Falls near the Buckeye Trail, Caney Creek Wilderness, Ouachita National Forest

Katy Falls in the Caney Creek Wilderness is a cool 12-foot waterfall in a beautiful little cove by the west end of the Buckeye Trail. It is in the Ouachita National Forest, near Shady Lake, southeast of Mena.

The waterfall is on a spur near where the Buckeye Trail joins the Caney Creek Trail. Also nearby is the mouth of Katy Creek, where it flows into Caney Creek. (See this post for full trail summary of the Buckeye Trail/East Caney Creek Trail Loop.)

These are two cell videos I took of the falls from my hike on July 13, 2013.

Alternate video link.

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Buckeye Trail/E. Caney Creek Trail (Ouachita For.) – 9 mi

"Buckeye Trail/E. Caney Creek Trail (Ouachita For.)   9 mi" photo
West-facing evening view of Ouachita National Forest from one of the great vistas on the Buckeye Trail (7-13-2013)

This is a challenging 9.4-mile loop hike in the Caney Creek Wilderness of the Ouachita National Forest in Polk County, near Shady Lake. It is composed of the Buckeye Trail and the east part of the Caney Creek Trail.

It’s a tough hike, but it has some great scenic areas and wonderful vistas.

As you can see from the maps below, the hike roughly makes a rectangle with the south side being 3.8 miles of the Caney Creek Trail and the north and (shorter) west sides being the Buckeye Trail.

The east side is a 1.1-mile gravel road walk (Forest Road 64) between the Buckeye trailhead at the northeast corner and the east Caney Creek trailhead at the southeast corner.

"Buckeye Trail/E. Caney Creek Trail (Ouachita For.)   9 mi" photo
South-facing panoramic view from a vista a little bit to the east of the Buckeye Mountain summit, Ouachita National Forest (8-10-2013)

The net elevation change on the hike is about 1100 feet. (On the entire hike, the cumulative elevation gain is about 1970 feet.)

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