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Awesome Arkansas waterfalls! Waterfall hikes and some that you can pretty much drive to. Cedar Falls (Petit Jean), Glory Hole Falls (Buffalo River), Hemmed-in Hollow Falls, Eden Falls, and more.

Pam’s Grotto (Ozark Forest)

BT-pamgrotto-2013- (4)
Pam’s Grotto

Pam’s Grotto, in northeast Johnson County, is fantastic Ozark National Forest waterfall that is easily accessible with a short hike.

To get to the trailhead, first head to Haw Creek Falls Campground on state Highway 123. (See directions here.)

Turn right (north) out of the campground onto Highway 123  and go .5 miles. Turn right onto a small turnoff that heads down next to Haw Creek. There is a small campsite and parking area here.

Pam's Grotto, Ozark National Forest
Campsite near rock-climbing bluff

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Natural Dam Falls (Ozark Forest)

Natural Dam, Ozark National Forest
Natural Dam Falls from the west side.

Natural Dam Falls (also just called “Natural Dam”), in northern Crawford County (Ozark National Forest), is a cool and very accessible waterfall.

The “dam” looks like a man-made structure, but it is a completely natural wall of rock that spans the width of Mountain Fork Creek. The falls is formed by water flowing over the wall in various places.

Natural Dam Falls, Ozark National Forest
Natural Dam Falls, Ozark National Forest

Natural Dam Falls is about 8 feet tall. According to Tim Ernst, it is 187 feet wide.
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Haw Creek Falls (Ozark Forest)

Haw Creek Falls, Ozark National Forest
Haw Creek Falls, Ozark National Forest

People determine beauty and what is “interesting” differently. When it comes to waterfalls, I favor cascades and rolling waterfalls more than pour-off types of falls. Others like tall pour-offs better.

There are plenty of both types to see in northwest Arkansas.

My preference for cascading waterfalls is one reason I loved visiting Haw Creek Falls. It is in the Ozark National Forest in northeast Johnson County.

The falls is short (only about 8 feet tall), but it has a lot of interesting cascades and a picturesque setting that makes this a place I can’t wait to come back to.

Haw Creek Falls, Ozark National Forest
Haw Creek Falls
Getting to Haw Creek Falls

To get there from Jasper, go south on Highway 7 for 27 miles, and turn west onto south Highway 123. Travel 12 miles on Hwy 123, and you’ll see the sign for the Haw Creek Falls Campground. (You can get Google Maps directions at this link.)

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Devil’s Den: Twin Falls Winter Video

Screen shot of Twin Falls video

In early January I had a cool (and cold) visit to Twin Falls on the Devil’s Den Trail (the cave trail) at Devil’s Den State Park (Washington County). It was great to see both branches flowing well, and I got a kick out of the icicles as well.

Alternate video link.

According to Tim Ernst’s Arkansas Waterfalls, Twin Falls has heights of 47 and 56 feet.

These are some cell videos from several vantage points that I took of the falls that morning (January 4). (See this post for photos I took that morning.)

The video above was taken about 10 feet to the left of the main waterfall.

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