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Lake Leatherwood Evening Photos 2013

Lake Leatherwood, Eureka Springs
Panoramic view of Lake Leatherwood from the west bank

Back in late June, my sweetheart and I were enjoying a trip to Eureka Springs, and we headed down to Lake Leatherwood for a brief visit.

Lake Leatherwood, Eureka Springs
South end of Lake Leatherwood

Lake Leatherwood is a really cool wilderness park that is owned by the City of Eureka Springs.

These are some photos I took from the Fishing Trail along the west bank of the lake that evening. The Fishing Trail is a short lakeside trail that runs parallel to the Fuller Trail.

(More photos are below the jump. Click for larger view.)

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Lake Leatherwood Dam Spillway Video              


Back in October, I went with my son and his girlfriend to Lake Leatherwood near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We walked the Beacham Trail, the trail that makes a loop around the lake.

The coolest part of the hike is probably walking across the 1940’s-era limestone dam.This is some cell phone video I took of the spillway water flowing down the back side of the dam.

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Lake Leatherwood Beacham Trail Photos 2011

Spillway on Lake Leatherwood Dam

These are some photos I took back in October when I went with my son and his girlfriend to the Lake Leatherwood, near Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

We walked on the Beacham Trail around the lake. The trail goes right across Lake Leatherwood Dam.

Lake Leatherwood Dam, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

A nice feature of walking at Lake Leatherwood is that there are no motorboats. It was a nice day for walking out at the lake.

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Lake Leatherwood: Beacham and Fuller Trails May 2011


[This post was originally published on May 21, 2011 on “A Hiking We Will Go.”]

DSCN2049This weekend, we hiked the Beacham Trail at Lake Leatherwood in Eureka Springs. This trail has been on my list for quite a while, having read about it in Tim Ernst’s Arkansas Hiking Trails.

There are several trails around Lake Leatherwood, a municipal park in Eureka Springs. Thinking of most city parks, images of a true “hike” are not what come to mind which is probably why this wasn’t one of the top trips on our list. We were surprised to find a really nice hiking trail around a very scenic lake.

The weather was great with blue skies and sunshine. They have been missed lately with all of the rain in the area. Things were a bit soggy since yesterday was a rainy day, but we were not deterred.

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