Mount Nebo: Rim Trail Loop – 3 mi

Mount Nebo: Rim Trail Loop - 3 mi photo
Rim Trail at Sunset Point (North End of Mt. Nebo)

Even though I have hiked at Mount Nebo State Park, near Russellville, Arkansas, quite a few times, Saturday was my first time to hike the entire Rim Trail loop. It was very enjoyable.

Mount Nebo: Rim Trail Loop - 3 mi photo
Rock Bridge on Rim Trail/Summit Park Trail
Mount Nebo: Rim Trail Loop - 3 mi photo
Approximate elevation profile based on gps data.


Mt. Nebo Rim Trail – GPX Trail Map

mt-nebo-rim-trail-2010-07-03 GPX file

The trail is about 3.2 miles long, making a full loop around the top level of the mountain. As you would expect, it is chock-full of beautiful scenic views. I think it is one of the prettiest trails I have hiked.

It is not very difficult, but there are stretches that are easier than others. The easier parts are generally on the north end and west side of the mountain. The more strenuous areas (more up-and-down climbing) are mostly along the east side.

Mount Nebo: Rim Trail Loop - 3 mi photo
Rim Trail – Southwest Part of Mt. Nebo

There are quite a few places to access the trail since it runs adjacent to several overlooks and the camping area. The most straightforward place to start is probably at the Visitor Center. I began at the Visitor Center and then headed left (counterclockwise), but my recommendation is to head right to begin with (if you start at the Visitor Center) so that you will be saving the easier parts of the trail for last.

On the west side of the mountain, the Rim Trail overlaps the Summit Park Trail for about two-thirds of a mile. Just keep following the yellow blazes, and you will be fine.

Mount Nebo: Rim Trail Loop - 3 mi photo
View From Rim Trail – West Side of Mt. Nebo

Safety alert: There are some dangerous bluffs at various places on the trail. If you have young children with you, I would hold their hands.

Mount Nebo: Rim Trail Loop - 3 mi photo
This is a photo of the Rim Trail from the south end, taken in February 2012.

I have posted some photos I took, my gpx file, and an elevation chart made from my gpx file. You can see some more photos of the Rim Trail here.

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Mount Nebo: Rim Trail Loop

LocationMount Nebo State Park, Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas
Length/Type3.2 mile loop
DifficultyModerate (3 of 5)
DirectionsThere are lots of places where you can start the trail. The easiest is probably behind the Visitor Center.
ATT Cell Coverage?Yes
Official Info (Links)Website. Mt. Nebo State Park Trail Map.
Weather/Conditions80's and overcast, nice.
Date Hiked07-03-2010

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  1. You might want to try just doing part of the trail rather than the whole loop with the kids. There are several places you can park to get started, the visitor center, the campground with the bathhouse, the waterfall area by the southwest area of the mountain. You might want to go to the visitor center first head out from there. Due to various drop-offs and bluffs, I would be very careful, especially with your youngest one. Hope it goes well.

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