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Awesome Arkansas waterfalls! Waterfall hikes and some that you can pretty much drive to. Cedar Falls (Petit Jean), Glory Hole Falls (Buffalo River), Hemmed-in Hollow Falls, Eden Falls, and more.

Mount Nebo: Waterfall Video

About a week ago, I went out to Mount Nebo State Park and was very excited to see the waterfall flowing well.

The seasonal waterfall is located just a little bit below the rim level at the south end of the mountain. The easiest way to get to it is to go down the Gum Springs Trail.

Here is some video I took of the waterfall with my cell phone.

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Ouachita Trail 03: MM63 to Foran Gap (63.0 to 68.1)

Saturday, I hiked another 5 miles of the Ouachita Trail; this time in Section 3.

This was a pretty cool hike because it was the first time I have come across a waterfall on the Ouachita Trail (or in any national forest for that matter).

Ouachita Trail 03: MM63 to Foran Gap (63.0 to 68.1) photo
Waterfall on Ouachita Trail (03-I) – About 1 Mile West of Hwy 71 (Foran Gap)

I began (and parked) at the Foran Gap trailhead on Highway 71, between Waldron and Mena, Arkansas. From there I hiked west about 5 miles to MM 63. Originally, I intended to go just to MM 64, but it appears that there is no marker at MM 64.

There is a marker at MM 63, but it looks like it was written with a ball point pen. (There have been problems lately with some of the OT mile markers disappearing.)

I refer to the part of the trail I hiked Saturday as “03-H” and “03-I.”

The section of the Ouachita Trail between Eagle Gap (around 58) and Foran Gap is about 10 miles long and has no access points in between. Continue reading Ouachita Trail 03: MM63 to Foran Gap (63.0 to 68.1)