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Robbers Cave: Rough Canyon Trail Photos 2014

"Robbers Cave: Rough Canyon Trail Photos 2014" photo
Lost Lake on the Rough Canyon Trail, Robbers Cave State Park

Back on July 13, I hiked the Rough Canyon Trail at Robbers Cave State Park. It was probably my 4th or 5th time to walk the trail.

This 2.9-mile loop trail in the San Bois Mountains is a nice hike. (The trail map and elevation profile is in this post.) It is nearly all wooded, has lots of interesting rocks on and around the trail, and some moderate hill-climbing.

"Robbers Cave: Rough Canyon Trail Photos 2014" photo
Panoramic view of the stream (during dry times) in Rough Canyon

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Lake Wister Hiking Trail Photos 2014

"Lake Wister Hiking Trail Photos 2014" photo
East-facing view of the view of the lake from the eastern part of the trail. The dam is in the distance.

A few weeks ago, I got to walk the Lake Wister Hiking Trail at Lake Wister State Park, near Poteau, Oklahoma. The 3-mile trail runs on the north side of the lake, parallel to (and south of) County Road 138. It goes from a paved walking path at the Wards Landing area to the east end near the swimming pool and miniature golf course.

The most scenic part of the trail is the mile or so on the east end that runs nearest to the shoreline. The best time to walk the trail is during leaf-off when the lake is much more visible in this part of the trail.

"Lake Wister Hiking Trail Photos 2014" photo
This is where the trail heads east from the Area 2 picnic area.

From the air, Lake Wister is about 15 miles north of Winding Stair Mountain (Ouachita National Forest). The mountain can be seen to the south from much of the lake.

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Robbers Cave: Cattail Pond Loop – 4 mi

"Robbers Cave: Cattail Pond Loop   4 mi" photo
Fourche Maline Creek along Rough Canyon Trail

Back in February, I hiked the Cattail Pond Loop at Robbers Cave State Park.

I will be getting photos and more information about the trail posted soon, but I wanted to go ahead and post the gpx trail map I made and the elevation profile.

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Cavanal Hill Profile Video

"Cavanal Hill Profile Video" photo
Cavanal Hill, Poteau, Oklahoma

Cavanal Hill is in Poteau, in Southeast Oklahoma. It is promoted as the “tallest hill in the world.”

The U.S. Geological Survey refers to it as “Cavanal Mountain” and notes that its elevation is 2,385 feet.

If you ever visit Poteau, you can’t miss Cavanal Hill. It is by far the most prominent natural feature of the surrounding area. In fact, it is easily viewable from many parts of Fort Smith, about 25 miles away.

Although I have been in and through Poteau many times, I have never been up on Cavanal Hill. My understanding is there are not any trails going up the mountain. Please send me a line if I am incorrect on that.

This is a short video from Discovery Oklahoma with some more information about Cavanal Hill.

Alternate video link.

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