Lake Fayetteville Nature Trail – 6 mi

Lake Fayetteville Nature Trail trailhead at Veterans Memorial Park

A few weeks ago, I went back to Lake Fayetteville to walk the Lake Fayetteville Nature Trail. It is the unpaved trail that goes (almost) around the lake. (My post on the Lake Fayetteville Paved Trail is here.)

The entire loop is about 6 miles long. Other than the length, the trail is easy, with very little elevation change.

Lake Fayetteville Nature Trail, south side of the lake

If you’re like me and you prefer an unpaved forested trail to a paved less-forested trail, you should check out the Lake Fayetteville Nature Trail. To me, the unpaved trail is much more interesting and pleasant to walk than the paved trail, especially in warm months (and sunny days) when it is considerably warmer out on the paved trail.

Like the paved trail, it starts at Fayetteville’s Veterans Memorial Park. Instead of heading north (clockwise) as I did for the paved trail, I (naturally) followed the signage at the nearby nature trailhead and headed east (counterclockwise).

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Lake Catherine Horseshoe Mountain Trail Photos 2012

Panoramic photo from one of the vistas on Horseshoe Mountain Trail

Back in May, I got to hike the Horseshoe Mountain Trail at Lake Catherine State Park. (Official website is here.)

I have a lot of fondness for Lake Catherine. It was the state park where my family went camping when I was a kid.

Another vista view from Horseshoe Mountain Trail, Lake Catherine State Park

The trail, well-marked with yellow blazes, is a 2.5-mile semi-loop. It has some climbing, with an elevation change of about 500 feet.

I should have my gpx trail map posted soon. In the meantime, here are some photos I took from the trail. (More below after the jump.) Continue reading Lake Catherine Horseshoe Mountain Trail Photos 2012

Lake Tenkiller: Buzzard Roost Trail – 1 mi

Buzzard Roost Trail, alongside Cato Creek, Lake Tenkiller

The Buzzard Roost Trail, near Lake Tenkiller’s Cato Creek Landing (about 10 miles north of Vian, Oklahoma), is a very pretty loop trail. My then-wife and I (we’re married now) had a nice autumn walk on the trail last November.

Autumn color on the Buzzard Roost Trail, Lake Tenkiller

Although the trailhead (with parking) is not hard to find, there are areas where following the (unblazed) trail is something of a challenge.

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Lake Fayetteville Paved Trail (5 mi)

Lake Fayetteville Paved Trail

Fayetteville, Arkansas, is blessed with a number of nice urban trails. A couple of weeks ago, I walked the Lake Fayetteville Paved Trail that loops around Lake Fayetteville. It’s a pretty nice urban trail.

The trail starts at Veterans Memorial Park, near the southwest end of the lake, and then heads north to run clockwise around the lake. Currently, the paved Lake Fayetteville Trail doesn’t go all the way around the lake. It is about 4.3 miles.

One of the pedestrian bridges on the Lake Fayetteville Paved Trail

To complete the loop back to Veterans Memorial Park, I walked the nonpaved Lake Fayetteville Nature Trail (taking a left turn onto the nature trail) for another .8 miles.

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