Pedestal Rocks Trail (Ozark Forest) – 2 mi

View from one of the bluffs on the Pedestal Rocks Trail.

Yesterday, I had a nice hike on the 2.3-mile Pedestal Rocks Trail in the Ozark National Forest. Like the King’s Bluff Loop Trail I hiked about a month ago, it is (not surprisingly) in the Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area, about 45 minutes northeast of Clarksville.

It was a good hike except that I got a late start. It was pretty dark by the time I took some of my rock formation pictures. That’s why some of the photos I posted look overexposed and bizarre.

One of the Pedestal Rocks

The bluff areas are very pretty, but you should be very careful in those areas. Many of these areas have dangerous cliffs with no guard rails.

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Mount Nebo: Rim Trail (South) Photos 2012


A few weeks ago when my girlfriend and I visited the waterfall at Mount Nebo State Park, we also got to do some hiking on the south end of the Rim Trail.

The early evening view from the Rim Trail was very nice. Here are some photos I took.

View from Mt Nebo Rim Trail, south end of mountain
Panorama of Mt Nebo Rim Trail


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Kings Bluff Loop Trail (Ozark Forest) – 2 mi

Kings Bluff Falls, Ozark National Forest

The Kings Bluff Loop Trail is a 1.8-mile trail in the Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area (Ozark National Forest, northern Pope County). The elevation change on the trail is only about 350 feet. It is a pretty easy hike. There is parking and a vault toilet there at the scenic area. It is on highway 16, a few miles east of the intersection (at Pelsor) of Highway 7 and Highway 123.

Of course, the highlight of the trail is Kings Bluff Falls. At 114 feet, Kings Bluff Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Arkansas. It is beautiful. Like many waterfalls in Arkansas, your best chances to see it in action are probably during leaf-off months and after a recent rain.

Kings Bluff Loop Trail, Ozark National Forest

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