Old Erbie Area Loop Trail (Buffalo River) – 2 mi

Old Erbie Area Loop Trail (Buffalo River) - 2 mi photo
Old Erbie Church

The Erbie area, in the Buffalo National River upper district, has a lot of great hiking trails and several dirt roads that can be used to make loop hikes of various lengths.

But sometimes getting to Erbie is a challenge.

Directions to Erbie

The simplest way to get to Erbie is to come in from Arkansas Highway 7, just south of Pruitt. Take the road by the Erbie Campground sign. This is County Road 79 or Erbie Campground Road, but it’s a gravel road and the road name isn’t well-marked. If you turn at the sign for Erbie Campground, it will take you there. Continue reading Old Erbie Area Loop Trail (Buffalo River) – 2 mi

Liles Falls (Buffalo River)

Liles Falls (Buffalo River) photo
Liles Falls

We had been coming down to Arkansas for several years before we ever heard about Liles Falls and only then upon reading about it in a book.

It’s super-easy to get to, and very picturesque. Yet, it isn’t a place that people talk about a lot.

Getting to Liles Falls

Liles Falls is just off of Erbie Campground Road (aka County Road 79). From Highway 7, take the gravel road where the sign indicates for going to Erbie Campground.

As you head toward Erbie, you will pass the Koen Interpretive Trail, the Ponds Loop, and the Cedar Grove picnic area. At one point, you will cross a little stream, and then the parking area is there on the right. Continue reading Liles Falls (Buffalo River)

Ponds Trail (Buffalo River) – .5 mi

Ponds Trail (Buffalo River) - .5 mi photo
Michelle next to South Pond

The Ponds Trail is a short loop trail, about .4 miles, that is right off Highway 79, a gravel road that goes into the southern part of the Erbie area off of Highway 7. (Erbie consists of a small former community north of the river, and a campground and old homestead south of the river.) Because the road across the river is a low-river ford, it cannot always be crossed in high water. So it’s best to come in from the correct direction.

The trail (unblazed) starts just across the road from the Cedar Grove Picnic Area — about two miles down the gravel road off Highway 7. It’s a pretty good road for gravel, so you won’t need four-wheel drive to get there. Continue reading Ponds Trail (Buffalo River) – .5 mi

Indian Creek to Tunnel Cave Falls (Buffalo River) – 5 mi

Indian Creek to Tunnel Cave Falls (Buffalo River) - 5 mi photo
Indian Creek
Indian Creek Bushwacking

Indian Creek is one of my favorite Buffalo National River areas.

The path to Indian Creek is not an official trail, but it is pretty well traveled. It runs right along Indian Creek, so it’s fairly easy to follow. Just follow the creek.

To get to the trail, head out on the Buffalo River Trail out of Kyles Landing toward Steele Creek. After a stretch, you’ll see a sign that points you toward Indian Creek. At that point, you are no longer on a maintained trail.

The highlight of the trail is Tunnel Falls, a 31-foot high waterfall that pours out from a cave. Continue reading Indian Creek to Tunnel Cave Falls (Buffalo River) – 5 mi