Western Ouachita Trail Hikes

Western Ouachita Trail Hikes photo
View from Wilton Mountain (OK), Section 2.
About the Ouachita Trail

The Ouachita Trail is a 223-mile trail that runs from Talimena State Park in Oklahoma to Pinnacle Mountain State Park in Arkansas. The vast majority of it is in the Ouachita National Forest.

You can download a detailed USFS trail map (3.6 MB) here. (Note: the USFS map does not include the eastern end. Also it divides the trail into segments that don’t correspond with the Tim Ernst Sections.)

You can learn more about the OT at the Friends of the Ouachita Trail (FoOT) website here.

Western Ouachita Trail Hikes photo
USFS Ouachita Trail Map (Excludes Eastern End)
About This Page

The lists below are of segments of the Ouachita Trail, grouped by designated Section. The Sections follow the 10 Section divisions in Tim Ernst’s Ouachita Trail Guide. He divides the trail into 10 Sections.

I have subdivided each Section into segments, largely based on those from the FoOT trail conditions page. I added a post link for each segment I have hiked and posted.

The stated lengths are based on my gps calculations. Obviously, if you are hiking a segment out and back (as I usually do), you must double the length.

As of November 2015, I have hiked about 30% of the trail. I hope to eventually hike it all.

Western Ouachita Trail Hikes photo
South-facing view from Ouachita Trail, east of Potato Hill Vista
Section 1
Mile PointsDescriptionLength (miles)CountyLabel
0.0 - 2.4Talimena SP to Potato Hill Vista Spur (recently updated)2.5LeFlore, OKA
2.4 - 5.8Potato Hill Vista spur to FR 6010 (recently updated)3.5LeFlore, OKB
5.8 - 8.0 FR 6010 to Deadman's Gap TH (recently updated)2.2LeFlore, OKC
8.0 - 13.0Deadman's Gap TH to MM 13 5.3LeFlore, OKD/E1
13.0 - 19.9MM 13 to Cedar Branch to Rock Glacier to W. Horsethief Trail to Horsethief Springs5.6LeFlore, OKE2-H
19.9 - 23.7 Horsethief Springs to Winding Stair TH. (recently updated)3.4LeFlore, OKI-J
Western Ouachita Trail Hikes photo
View from near Winding Stair Highpoint
Section 2
Mile PointsDescriptionLength (miles)CountyLINK
23.7 - 25.8Winding Stair TH to East Summit to Highpoint to Saddle (recently updated)2.5LeFlore, OK02-A1
25.8 - 28.3Hiker Campsite (Saddle) to FR 6023LeFlore, OK02-A2
28.3 - 30.5FR 6023 to Hwy 259LeFlore, OK02-B
30.5 - 34.3Hwy 259 to Pashubbe TH3.8LeFlore, OK02-C
34.3 - 39.2Pashubbe TH to Wilton Mountain to Kiamichi River TH (FR 6031) (recently updated)4.8LeFlore, OK02-DE
39.2 - 42Kiamichi River TH to Mile 42LeFlore, OK02-F
42 - 44Mile 42 to Mile 44LeFlore, OK02-G
44 - 46.3Mile 44 to AR State LineLeFlore, OK02-H
46.3 - 47.8AR State Line to FR 514Polk, AR02-I
47.8 - 51.6FR 514 to Pioneer Cemetery to Queen Wilhelmina SP3.7Polk, AR02-J
Western Ouachita Trail Hikes photo
Ouachita Trail on Rich Mountain between Talimena Scenic Drive and Highway 270 Trailhead
Section 3
Mile PointsDescriptionCountyLength (miles)LINK
51.6 - 54.1Queen Wilhelmina to Talimena Scenic Drive Polk, AR 2.503-AB
54.1 - 56.7Talimena Scenic Drive to 270 TH (recently updated) Polk, AR2.603-CD
56.7 - 58.5270 TH to Eagle Gap/Clear Fork Polk, AR03-E
58.5 - 63Eagle Gap to MM 63 Polk, AR4.303-FG
63 - 68.1MM 63 to MM 66 to Foran Gap/Hwy 71 Polk, AR4.903-HI
Western Ouachita Trail Hikes photo
Ouachita Trail 04-F on East Fourche Mountain
Section 4
Mile PointsDescriptionLength (miles)CountyLINK
68.1 - 69.7 Foran Gap/Hwy 71 to 278E Polk, AR04-A
69.7 - 74.2 278E to Tan-a-Hill Gap Polk, AR04-B
74.2 - 77 Tan-a-Hill Gap to Mile 77 Polk, AR04-C
77 - 79.9 Mile 77 to Turner Creek Gap Polk, AR04-D
79.9 - 81Turner Creek Gap to Mile 81 Polk, AR04-E
81 - 85.5Mile 81 to FR 76A4.7 Polk, AR04-F
85.5 - 88.2FR 76A to FR 48Polk, Scott, and Montgomery, AR04-G1
88.2 - 90.3FR 48 to FR 813 2.1Scott and Montgomery, AR04-G2
90.3 - 93FR 813 to Mile 93Montgomery, AR04-H
93 - 94.5Mile 93 to Big Brushy CampgroundMontgomery, AR04-I

Last updated: 3-8-2016