Mount Nebo: Rim Trail (South)


Yesterday, I hiked the South end of the Rim Trail at Mt. Nebo State Park.

"Mount Nebo: Rim Trail (South)" photo
View from Mt. Nebo Rim Trail (South)

Mt. Nebo may be my favorite state park. It is a beautiful mountaintop park with a small campground and some great hiking trails. [Note: You can read about the entire rim trail loop at this link.]

The Rim Trail encircles most of Mt. Nebo. I have made a GPX file of the south section of the trail from the campground parking lot (on the east side of the mountain) over to the southwest overlook (where there is another parking lot).

"Mount Nebo: Rim Trail (South)" photo
Mt. Nebo Rim Trail (South)

This section of the Rim Trail is about 1.2 miles. Aside from having to navigate some of rocky sections, this is not a difficult trail section to hike. The views from the trail are gorgeous.

To get back to the campground parking lot, you can walk the trail back or follow the roads for about a half mile.

"Mount Nebo: Rim Trail (South)" photo
Mt. Nebo Rim Trail (South)

You should keep close tabs on small children as there are a few hazardous drop-offs without guardrails.

You can download the official Mt. Nebo trails brochure at this pdf link.

"Mount Nebo: Rim Trail (South)" photo
A groundhog I saw while on the trail.


Trail Name and LocationRim Trail (South) - Mount Nebo State Park
Date Hiked1-17-2010
Weather/ConditionsUpper 40's, pleasant.
DirectionsI started on the trail behind the campground bathhouse and then headed south (i.e., right).
Length1.2 miles to the southwest overlook.

(1=Easy; 5=Most Difficult)

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