Lost Valley Trail – Eden Falls (Buffalo River) Video Dec. 2013

[Note: as of 7-20-2015, the Lost Valley Trail is closed due to damage from recent flooding. Check with National Park Service for more information.]

Lost Valley Trail - Eden Falls (Buffalo River) Video Dec. 2013 photo
Video Screen Shot of Eden Falls, December 2013

Back on December 30, I visited Eden Falls on the Lost Valley Trail. It is in the Buffalo National River area near Ponca. (At one time, this was Lost Valley State Park. Google Maps still shows it with that name.)

I was excited to see a pretty good flow on the waterfall. And there were a few icicles as well!

These are some cell phone videos I took that afternoon of Eden Falls around 4 p.m.

Alternate video link: here.

With each of the videos, I tried to do a pan so you can see some of the surrounding area.

Alternate video link: here.

This video is from a vantage point a little higher than the waterfall.

Alternate video link: here.

I took this video from up at the entrance to Eden Falls Cave. It shows the water flowing from the cave that becomes Eden Falls down below.

Alternate link: here.

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