Beaver Lake: Lost Bridge Trail

[This post was originally published on April 10, 2011 on “A Hiking We Will Go.”]

Beaver Lake: Lost Bridge Trail photoThis past weekend, we went back to one of our first hikes, the Lost Bridge trail by Beaver Lake. The weather forecast called for rain in the afternoon, so we made an effort to get started early (okay 9 a.m.) to beat the weather.

I blogged about this hike in January, and it ranked as one of our favorites so far. This time did not disappoint either!

The dogwood trees were blooming, and it was very breezy. The wind coming off of the lake made it seem like it wasn’t as warm as it really was. Now that I’ve had the chance to try some more challenging hikes, this one did not seem very difficult at all.

We took the short-cut just before the pond to get home before the storm hit, so we skipped the steepest part of the climb. That may be what has changed my opinion of the difficulty level.

Beaver Lake: Lost Bridge Trail photoOne of our friends commented that my blog would be better if I got some wildlife shots, “like pictures of birds or something.” While that would be great, it’s a lot harder than it sounds, especially with my little point and shoot digital. I’m usually moving too fast to take a picture that isn’t blurry, much less capture a moment of natural splendor.

This time though, we lucked out and passed by a deer that was watching us from under the bluff.

Check out the slide show here to see all of the pictures from the trip!Beaver Lake: Lost Bridge Trail photo

[You can download the official Beaver Lake Hiking Trails brochure here and the official Beaver Lake map here.]

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