Lake Tenkiller: Overlook Nature Trail (South) – 2 mi

Overlook Nature Trail – Tenkiller Ferry Lake

Yesterday, I went hiking on Lake Tenkiller’s Overlook Nature Trail in northwest Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. The Greater Tenkiller Area Association website has this description of the trail:

The Overlook Nature Trail is located at the Tenkiller Dam Overlook. The trail consists of two segments. The first segment of the trail (1 1/4 miles in length) winds through the woods from the Overlook to Highway 10A (near the Methodist Boys Ranch). The second segment of the trail continues on from Highway 10A and ends at Strayhorn Public Use Area. …

I hiked the south segment of the trail from Overlook park to the Methodist Boys Ranch, about 1.1 miles. (The trail is on Corps property.) I tried hiking the north segment as well, but I reached a point where I could no longer follow the trail.The south segment is not difficult to hike. When you reach the fork at around .8 miles, you should turn left. This leads to the end of the south segment at a parking/turnaround area across from the Methodist Boys Ranch. Turning right at the fork will take you into the north segment. (If you figure out how to hike the north segment all the way to Strayhorn Landing, please let me know.)

Overlook Nature Trail (South) Map

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Overlook Nature Trail – Tenkiller Ferry Lake

As the description above notes, the south segment begins at the Overlook park (near Tenkiller Ferry Dam, just west of Tenkiller State Park). The trailhead is at the north end of the park.

The sign at the trailhead says “Island View Nature Trail,” but most references I have seen (including the sign by the Methodist Boys Ranch) call it “Overlook Nature Trail.”

There are no blazes, but the trail is not hard to follow.

The trail is a pretty wooded walk along the eastern side of Linder Mountain. near the lake. During leaf-on, you can see glimpses of the lake, but not many clear views. The trails goes through several interesting valleys. I found it an enjoyable walk.

Overlook Nature Trail – Tenkiller Ferry Lake
View of Tenkiller Ferry Lake from Overlook Park, near Tenkiller Ferry Dam

There are quite a few fallen trees on the trail. Hopefully, somebody will eventually add blazes to the trail and remove the fallen trees. There also are footbridges that need attention.

At Overlook park is what apparently used to be a painted trail map, but it is very faded and difficult to read.

Overlook Nature Trail – Tenkiller Ferry Lake
Overlook Nature Trail – Tenkiller Ferry Lake

As usual, I have posted some of my photos and a gpx map made from my gps data.

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Trail Name and LocationOverlook Nature Trail (South) - Tenkiller Ferry Lake (Corps Rec. Area)
Date Hiked09-11-2010 (midday)
Weather/ConditionsLow 80's, humid, pretty good.
DirectionsThere is a trailhead at the north end of Overlook park (near the dam). The sign says "Island View Nature Trail."

There is a fork around .8-miles in. Go left. The segment ends at a parking/turnaround area by the Methodist Boys Ranch.

Length2.2 miles out-and-back

(1=Easy; 5=Most Difficult)

ATT Cell Coverage?Yes
Official Info - Phone/Links(918) 487-5252
Corps Lake Website. Greater Tenkiller Area Association website.

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