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Brent Toellner is an advertising/media strategist from Kansas City, Missouri who loves to spend time with his wife exploring northwest Arkansas, especially the Buffalo River area. Brent is also the author of the blog Exploring Northwest Arkansas.

Buffalo River Trail: Triple/Twin Falls Via Kyles Landing – 4 mi

Buffalo River Trail: Triple/Twin Falls Via Kyles Landing - 4 mi photo

Triple Falls (aka “Twin Falls”) at Camp Orr  may be our favorite place in the Buffalo River area (so far).

The waterfall is fed by two water sources. (That is the reason for the alternate name “Twin Falls.”) The primary source is a fresh-water spring. This allows for water to flow year-round at this spectacular spot. The third waterfall, which is fed by a creek, may not be present during the dry season.

There are several ways to get to Triple Falls — there is a simple, short and flat route up from Camp Orr, a Boy Scout camp along the Buffalo River. (Word is that the final bit of this road to the camp is VERY rough, so if you don’t have a four-wheel drive, this may not be the route for you. There is also a pull-out parking spot that allows for quick access off of the main road to Camp Orr . This is the route described in Tim Ernst’s waterfall book.)

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Parker-Hickman Homestead (Buffalo River)

Parker-Hickman Homestead (Buffalo River) photo

One of the many interesting aspects of the Buffalo National River area is that it gives you glimpses into the lives of early settlers of the area.

Because so much of the area is unspoiled, there are a host of old homestead sites that remain in their original state.

One of the best-preserved areas is the Parker-Hickman Homestead, near the Erbie Campground in the Upper District.

The homestead was built between 1847 and 1849 by Alvin and Greenbury Parker.

Parker-Hickman Homestead (Buffalo River) photo

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