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Sams Throne Trail, Ozark National Forest, 2013 (Photo: Brent)

Arklahoma Hiker is a blog/guide for hiking trails in Arkansas and East Oklahoma.

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Mike on a trail, October 2015

Mike Newman, editor and creator of Arklahoma Hiker, when not when not working, likes to day hike and walk outdoors in Arkansas and Oklahoma. His favorite hiking areas include Mount Magazine and Winding Stair Mountain.

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Brent Toellner on Hawksbill Crag, 2010

Brent Toellner is an advertising/media strategist from Kansas City, Missouri who loves to spend time with his wife exploring northwest Arkansas, especially the Buffalo River area. Brent is also the author of the blog Exploring Northwest Arkansas.

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Shelley Smart and her husband on the Buffalo River Trail, 2012

Shelley Smart is a CPA in northwest Arkansas who loves to go hiking and backpacking with her husband. Shelley is also the author of the blog A Hiking We Will Go.

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Charlie Williams

Charlie Williams is an avid hiker, a long time contributor to Backpacker Magazine, and produces detailed maps of most of the backpacking trails in Oklahoma and Arkansas. He considers the Ouachitas and Ozarks some of his favorite stomping grounds.

Charlie also does the hiking website OuachitaMaps.com.


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